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Assembly planter is a farming / automation game, that allows you to progress from a poor hard-working farmer with just a single seed to a lazy rich guy that watches his machines do the work for him. One aspect of the game is to build everything very compact, since buying land is very expensive. To help you with this goal the game features a "Shrinker" that allows you to merge multiple machines into a single more compact one. It's possible to create a single machine that creates every item in the game.

This is still a very early WIP version of the game.
It would really help me if you could fill out this very short feedback survey after playing the game. All answers are optional but everything you give me is appreciated.
It won't take long: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WJ98XTY

How to play

You don't need to read this since the game features an in game tutorial now. But in case you get confused you can always look up things here.

-Left mouse button: Interact with objects
-Right mouse button: Use item
-W A S D Q E: Move Camera
-Tab / i: Open Inventory
-Scrollwheel: Change selected item
-R: Rotate Item
-Esc / m: Menu

The Start:
The First thing you should do is using the hoe on a piece of land and plant the seed that is in your inventory. Now place down the Crafting Table and click on it to open the crafting window. When you hover over the Crafting Recipes it will show you exactly what the inputs and outputs on the recipe are, how much time it will take to craft it and how much an automated Crafter will cost. Click on the seed to craft a new seed. You also have a Hammer in your inventory. It can be used to destroy things. Don't destroy your Crafting Table because you won't get it back. Now continue farming, planting and crafting until you have enough resources to start with automation.

All the machines can be crafted at the automation crafting table, which is available at the regular crafting table. Orange on a machines means that that side is the output, blue is for input. Rotate machines with R to make them face the way you want them to. Some Machines have storage. You can access it by clicking on them. Click on items in your inventory to move them to the machine storage. Shift Click to move all items, Ctrl Click for half of them.

Harvester: Harvests plants in front of it and outputs the drops behind it.
Planter: Plants a seeds from it's storage in front of it. 
Crafter: Can be made at any crafting table using the white button next to the crafting buttons. Automatically crafts items that are input into it and outputs them behind it.
Collector: Collects items and puts them into your inventory.
Conveyor Belt: Transports Items between the machines.
Conveyor Filter: Conveyor Belt with a filter function. Click on the little arrows to specify items that should be filtered out.
Splitter: Half of the items go right the other half left.

The Shrinker can be used as soon as you have access to compact cubes. It is the 5 by 5 grid next to the main grid. The idea behind it is to compress a 5 by 5 grid of machines into a single crafting recipe that can then be used to create new regular Crafters.
Right next to the Shrinker there is a display floating around, that shows you the Crafting Recipe, that you are currently creating with Inputs, Outputs, Time and the Crafter Cost. You can also give your new machine a name using the "Name" Field. You can specify the inputs yourself by clicking on the Input of the Shrinker: The Machine that outputs into the grid. Just move items from your inventory to the input to declare them as crafting inputs. They should now show on the display as well.

Building off of the Shrinker Input you can now build machines to process the specified input. Just be aware that loops in your machine aren't allowed in the Shrinker. To define the output place a Collector at the end of the machines. If it worked the display should now show outputs for the machines.

As soon as the display shows you can press the shrink button. As long as you have a compact cube in your inventory this will trigger an animation that shrinks the entire grid and pops out a Crafter. The new crafting Recipe can now be accessed in the Custom Crafting Table. Crafters you create in the Shrinker can again be placed in the Shrinkers grid to make them even smaller.

Have fun


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is there a way to remove tilled ground?


I dont understant shrinking I dont get any errors but nothing happens when I press shrink

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Shrinking has 4 requirements: a valid Input, a valid Output, a valid name and you need to have a compact cube in your inventory. You must be missing one of these.

Hello, i played this game and enjoyed too much.  I addicted to automation based games. And i think i found bug. If you remove your 'Craft Table' before craft new one you cant access crafting menu rest of game due you have not any craft table. I removed my craft table accidently. So nothing to do for rest of my game.

Hey thanks for playing the game and the feedback. I'm aware of this bug. I think the hammer item description even says that you shouldn't destroy your first crafting table with it. It's going to be fixed in the finished version.

Hey Hello fellow human being , so i gave a lil try (i plan to continue playing to see how far we can take things) and i found a funny little thing/bug i was bored clicking on every plant to collect them so i started a good old auto clicker and if you use it it just duplicate the plant you'r clicking until you move your mouse away from the plant so idk funny anyway

Its a nice game :)

Hey thanks for telling me. I'll fix the bug as soon as possible. Maybe I should make it so you can hold down the mouse button to plant and harvest so you don't have to click so often.

Yeah that would be a good idea , maybe doing it for the hoe too would be nice for later bigger farm

OH and idk if its supposed to be but when you right click with the hammer to remove things they just get deleted you dont get them

Yeah getting items back is just not in the game yet. I do intend to add it later. It does kinda make sense though that a hammer destroys things for good.